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You have stumbled upon the website of 

William T Underwood

I  turned 72 on February 1st, 2023. 
My body is telling me its time to retire,
and the rest of me tends to agree!


New Charcoal Drawing:
Nov 28, 2022

New Scratchboard Drawing:
Aug 20 ,

New Charcoal Drawing:
Sept 04, 2022

Tarpon Springs Booth
Tarpon Springs Art Festival,  2019

Drawing Materials:
•  Charcoal, Vine & Compressed
• Charcoal Pencils

Drawing Surfaces:

  • • Cresent &  Strathmore 500 Bristol & Illustration Board
  • • NEW 2014: Scratchboards.  
  • • NEW 2016: Wood Panels for Charcoal drawings

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leopard, scratchboard
Scratchboard Art.
For Scratchboard images

I use Ampersand museum series scratchbord™ panels, and scratch with several tools, mostly a small exacto knife. If I want to add color, special scratchboard inks are applied after I've completed scratching.
Billy Joel, charcoal
Charcoal Drawings:

Charcoal images
are drawn on a primed wood panel or a heavy drawing surface. It is then sprayed with charcoal fixer, then a spray acrylic clear coat, followed by two brushed on coats of acrylic varnish, resulting in a charcoal drawing that is treated like a painting. No glass is necessary.
         Black & White Photographs ARCHIVE: HERE

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